Privacy and personal data

Concerning privacy we have the following starting point:
– sources for data are archives, open publications (new papers, the Internet, etc) and the family members themselves.
– data from archives and open publications: will be fed into the database and will be published
– Data from family members: if you provide data without restrictions than is concluded that this data can be published
– You might serve data and indicate that this data is not allowed to publish. Concerning data (person and/or data) will be taken into the database and will not be published.
– Because of privacy or other reasons you can decide not to provide data. In that we prefer to inform us about you decision. We will mark your comments so that (for the time being) we will not ask for that specific data.
– In case of decease we conclude that ‘hidden’ data is free to publish.

Publishing means for the foundation  showing data on the website, family book or family bulletin.
– The genealogy of the Donders family on the website can be accessed only by family members who are also member of the foundation (family who receive the family bulletin) and board members of the foundation. Last years the number of members varies between 160 and 200.

Addresses are used only by the foundation for internal use and will never be passed on to third parties.