What data

 The Donders foundation follows the family name Donders with it origin in Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Which persons:
– all persons with the family name Donders
– partner(s) of these Donders persons
– parents-in-law of these Donders persons
–  children of these (male and female) Donders persons with their partner step children: At a re-marriage it can happen that children get a new parent. In case that these children are taken into a Donders-family than a possibility is offered that these children with their partner can be fed into the Donders family databank. The initiative hereto should be taken by their parents.

What data is asked for:
– full Christian names, usual name, family name
– born/stillborn, adoption
– place and date born/stillborn
– place and date living together/marriage/divorce
– place and data emigration from/to
– place and date died/buried/cremation
NB: for the names of places please also indicate province and country

We are also interested in the following extra information which makes the names more ‘person’ rather than just ‘data’.
– occupations, titles, decorations (preferable with year)
– emigration (with dates), all family stories, anecdotes, etc.
– Samples or scans of pictures of family members and family events (wedding, honouring), passport photographs (preferable with year), birth card, mourning card, In Memoriam card and pictures of grave stones
– pictures of family members en family events (wedding, honouring, decoration)
– also passport photographs (with year?) for the website are very welcome.
– birth announcements, wedding announcements, mourning cards, in Memoriam cards or scan from those and pictures of grave stones.